TReND course on Genome editing

in collaboration with ICIPE and COS Heidelberg

in Mbita, Kenya - 29.May to 11. June 2017

Application: CLOSED


Bio-medical research and insect-born diseases control

Genome editing – the defined and targeted modification of a genome has for decades been the unapproachable dream of bio-medical scientists. These genetic manipulations are essential to understand how genes encode biological functions, and what goes wrong during diseases. Until recently, these kind of studies were limited to very few model species where tremendous effort has been invested in the past to make them accessible for genetic studies. This situation dramatically changed in the last years with the development of TALE nucleases and the CRISPR/Cas system, which are making the manipulation of an ever-growing list of model and non-model organisms a standard approach in many laboratories.

This course aims at introducing these revolutionary tools to African scientists and to create a community of scientists able to implement them in their research projects